California gubernatorial race

The California gubernatorial race is starting to turn ugly, not that it wasn’t already. Neither candidate makes a particularly compelling choice for governor – they both have serious flaws. Whitman has no experience at any level in politics, and seems not to realize that you can’t run a state like you run a company, since the governor (CEO) can’t simply will things to occur. On the other hand, Brown seems to have no idea how to rein in costs, and is sufficiently beholden to labor unions that he’ll try to raise taxes instead of looking for places to cut.

The mudslinging is also disturbing. Whitman is being criticized for firing her household help when she discovered the woman provided false documentation showing that she was legally allowed to work in the US. This action is totally consistent with her stand on immigration, and calls for Whitman to use her power and money to keep the woman in the country legally are simply wrong: the woman lied about her immigration status, and seems to have covered up attempts by the Social Security Administration to out her.

At the same time, Whitman’s charges based on the off-the-hook phone are also overblown. Yes, his staff shouldn’t have used those words, but it’s not as bad as she seems to imply.

Why couldn’t someone good run for governor in California?

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