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Security musings – 17 January

There were several interesting developments in computer security over the past few days.  New stuff on Facebook security and Stuxnet. Facebook is now allowing apps to access your home address and phone number.  Suggested solution: remove them from your profile.  … Continue reading

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California’s illegal immigration problem

Illegal immigration was a big issue in the last election, but it seems that few people really know the statistics. One question, in particular, is the number of so-called “anchor babies” that are really born each year. I relied solely … Continue reading

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Text editors on the Mac

There are lots of text editors on the Mac.  I’ve narrowed it down to two editors at this point: BBEdit and emacs.  They each have pluses and minuses. emacs is great if you don’t ever want to pick your hands … Continue reading

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California gubernatorial race

The California gubernatorial race is starting to turn ugly, not that it wasn’t already. Neither candidate makes a particularly compelling choice for governor – they both have serious flaws. Whitman has no experience at any level in politics, and seems … Continue reading

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I recently bought Osmos, a neat physics-based game for the iPhone. The idea is simple: you control a circular mass by ejecting jets of matter to alter your velocity, reducing your own mass (and diameter) in the process. You can … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog!

I’ve decided to take the plunge and start writing occasional stuff on this blog.  Since I’m running it on a hosted system rather than a commercial system like blogspot, no ads!  See the “about” link for more about me and … Continue reading

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